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Newny can be used at in-person, virtual and hybrid events!

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Optimise Your Live Q&A Event

Use Newny to improve participation and learn from those that engage in your events

  • Increase Audience Engagement

    Events that have used Newny experienced an uptick of 70% or more in audience engagement. 

  • Instant Feedback

    An instant short survey to quickly get an overview of how your session was perceived by your participants. 

  • Discover Content

    Find the topics your audience resonates with and build your content strategy around it.

  • 📊📊📊

    Visualise Your KPIs

    Use Newny to visualise your audience engagement in a unique way. Say goodbye to spreadsheet data!

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Increase Audience Participation

Send attendees to your own realm:

Discover Evangelists From Your Audience Members

Run Safe & Secure events. Find your best participants. The sign up process takes less than 15 seconds and they'll never need to do it again. 

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Understand What Topics Are Important To Your Participants

Use insights generated from your Q&A sessions to generate content and plan better events in the future.

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We've crowdsourced your audiences questions and made them anonymous to encourage interaction and create a safe space to discuss all kinds of topics easily.


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What Others Have Said

Real Users, Real Reviews

"Newny transforms traditional events into engaging connected events that have life a of their own!"

Ed Woolley, Founder of Co-Working Hub

"I really hope more people get to experience Newny as it's such a great way to engage with participants at all kinds of events."

Clare Forestier, Speaker & Presenter

"There are lots of options to do this across the virtual/hybrid event space, but Newny have capture the key elements of this, to keep it simple, engaging and functional. "

Franco de la Croix-Vaubois, Founder EON Live

"We were pleasantly surprised to find all the questions being asked on Newny with the voting functionality making it super easy for the moderator to choose questions. Would definitely recommend it!"

Mohamed Abdisalam, Founder Somalist in Tech

Save Time & Money

Amalgamate your audience engagement with Newny. You will not regret it. 

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