36.8% of what number is 28.52


Answer 1
Answer: 36.8% will be .368
so  26.8%   of    what number     is  28.52
     .368        ×           N                   = 28.52
divide each side by .368
so N=  77.5
Answer 2


36.8% = 0.368

0.368x = 28.52

0.368x/0.368 = 28.52/0.368


Therefore, 36.8%of 77.5 is 28.52

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In “The Pardoner’s Tale,” Death is portrayed as ____________.a. both the prince of wickedness and an actual person b. both a skeletal figure and an evil angel c. an old man selling wares by the side of the road d. an archangel who kills people through natural disaster and war
Read the sentences.The snowstorm lasted for hours. The wind and the snow mingled with the air.What punctuation and/or conjunction can be used to combine them?hours, and the windhours, the windhours; and the windhours and the wind
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Select all the correct answers. Which of these activities is typically done in the prewriting phase of writing an essay? writing a rough draft
editing surface errors
deciding on a topic
creating an outline
improving the flow of writing


Creating an outline is done in the prewriting phase.
the creation of the outline is the answer

Read this excerpt from The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and then answer the question that follows.When Dorothy was left alone she began to feel hungry. So she went to the cupboard and cut herself some bread, which she spread with butter. She gave some to Toto, and taking a pail from the shelf she carried it down to the little brook and filled it with clear, sparkling water. Toto ran over to the trees and began to bark at the birds sitting there. Dorothy went to get him, and saw such delicious fruit hanging from the branches that she gathered some of it, finding it just what she wanted to help out her breakfast.

Then she went back to the house, and having helped herself and Toto to a good drink of the cool, clear water, she set about making ready for the journey to the City of Emeralds.

What point of view is used in the excerpt


Limited Omniscent (Third Person P.O.V)

The answer is B third person point of view.

In the root word legalization the root _____ means law?A. egal

its not a because I got that Wrong
please help asap


The answer is C. leg

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Which sentence has a misplaced adjective phrase? A.
The workers in the field were ready for a break.

My grandfather was a man of few words.

The butter in the refrigerator needs to soften first.

Darlene wrote a note to her best friend on paper.


Answer: D. Darlene wrote a note to her best friend on paper.

The correct sentence should have been stated this way:
Darlene wrote a note on paper to her best friend .

The phrase "a note on paper" modifies the verb "wrote", therefore should follow right after the word it modifies.

The primary purpose of a narrative essay is toA. tell a story.
B. report the facts.
C. change a mind.
D. describe a place.


A/ tell a story. Hence the term, "narrate."

The topic for a personal narrative should always A) contain important facts and statistics B) have a main idea and supporting details C) be based a broad topic so you have plently to write about D) present a worthy topic about how to make the world a better place


I think its B. Have a main idea and supporting details