Which phrase best describes this type of sentence? Sandy creates her best pieces of art late in the day. prepositional phrase modifying an adverb adverb modifying other adverbs prepositional phrase modifying other prepositional phrases preposition with compound objects


Answer 1
Answer: prepositional phrase modifying an adverb 

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There are several benefits of an energy efficient campus which include
Sandra went to the movies with David and (I, me). (1 point) I me
When Claudius leaves the play, everyone follows and only Hamlet is left on stage. a. True b. False
Which word in the sentence is the predicate adjective: Hannah was generous in offering to help care for the little stray kittens?
Consider the line "(the soil)/ Is bare now, nor can feet feel, being shod."By analysis, we deduce that Hopkins means people are out of touch with God because they're      A. out of touch with the earth. B. too concerned with property. C. depending on worthless machinery. D. moving to cities.

Read this excerpt from Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich:"It's God will. We shall all come to it some day," said Gerasim, displaying his teeth—the even white teeth of a healthy peasant—and, like a man in the thick of urgent work, he briskly opened the front door, called the coachman, helped Peter Ivanovich into the sledge, and sprang back to the porch as if in readiness for what he had to do next.

What can you conclude about Gerasim from the phrase "the even white teeth of a healthy peasant?"

A.Gerasim is particular about his dental hygiene.
B.Gerasim belongs to the bourgeoisie.
C.Gerasim belongs to the working class.
D.Gerasim is able to stay cheerful even in difficult times.


B. Gerasim belongs to the bourgeoisie. A process of elimination can be used. Geraldine being good about his hygiene, and being able to stay cheerful don't have much to do with the context of the sentence. Also working class peasants wouldn't likely have good dental hygiene.

how can he be apart of the  bourgeoisie if he is a peasant? so the answer is either A or C.

Which idea is expressed in this excert from "Anecdote of the Jar" by Wallance Stevens? The wilderness rose up to it.
And sprawled around, no longer wild.
The jar was round upon the ground
And tall and of a part in air.

A,Human positvely contribute to nature by placing the jar on the hill,
B,The jar. when placed on the hill. completes nature;s balance,
C, Nature is not able to fourish because the jar is on the hill,
D,The jar is the main reason for nature's richness and well-being


Taking the whole poem into account, I think the correct answer must be C.

The jar is a small, common, impersonal object, but in Stevens' view, it affects the nature, depriving it of its inherent wilderness. Although it is one of a thousand, it still has the power and dominion over nature. Its meaningless existence leaves a negative trail in this world. If the jar was regarded as faceless a person living in a highly commercialized, industrialized world, and the nature as freedom, the parallel would be all the more effective. 

Which idea is expressed in this excert from "Anecdote of the Jar" by Wallance Stevens?

C.Nature is not able to fourish because the jar is on the hill

Okeke’s obstinance is illustrated by his __________.


In "Marriage is a Private Affair" by Chinua Achebe , stubborness is one of the themes. Okeke, father of Nnaemeka follows the traditional values:choosing a wife to be for his son. Throughout the story, Okeke shows many obstinance.He was very persistent to have Nnaemeka marry to the lady he prefers. Another one is refusing to meet and refusing to acknowledge Nnaemeka's wife, Nene. As long as he is concerned, Nene does not exist. Okeke's obstinance then is clearly illustrated by his refusal to meet Nnaemeka's wife.
The answer is A. I just took the test on edgenuity.

The _____ stuck up like a jagged tooth. A.) lorry B.) house C.) staircase D.) car park


i think it would be c because a piece of wood sometimes actually do that

im sure the answer would be b) house.

this is because some houses have several roof platforms that can make the house look like a upside-down tooth

Which sentence has two antecedents and one pronoun?Laurie likes to bake in her new oven.
Cody and Aleena sold their car.
My school does not have an October break.
His tie does not match his shirt.


The second one. Cody and Aleena are the antecedents and their is the pronoun referring back to them.

2.Cody and Aleena are the antecedents and their is the pronoun referring back to them.

Why did Shakespeare's noble characters speak in iambic pentameter while commoners spoke mainly in blank verse or prose?


seriously Cody, that's wrong! its to create a distinction between the educated nobility and the coarse  lower classes.