What does the narrator allude to at the end of this sentence from Mark Twain's "The 1,000,000 Bank-Note"? "So I loved her all the more, seeing she could be so cheerful when there wasn't anything to be cheerful about; for I might soon need that kind of wife, you know, the way things looked." A) the possibility of Adams having to leave the country to escape his creditors B) the possibility of requiring a wife who could match Adams social standards C) the possibility of Adams failure and having a lot of debt to repay D) the possibility of Adams taking up permanent residence in London


Answer 1

In this short story by Mark Twain, the main protagonist is put on a bet which the story revolves around. This excerpt is towards the end of the story. Actually, there is no metaphor and the given excerpt describes a real situation. Therefore, the correct answer is "B) the possibility of requiring a wife who could match Adams social standards." The narrator tells that "nothing to be cheerful about" since he became a millionaire unexpectedly and with "that kind of woman" he points out to the woman for his own standards.

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Please read the following sentence. "I think Robert Mary Jane Andrea Lee Ann and Milton should beon the planning committee." Not knowing how the different names are actually connected (for example
Ann Marie could be the name of one person or the name of two different people), how many commas
must you add to the sentence to show that there will be five people on the committee?
A. Two
B. Four
C. Three
D. Five


This is how I would combine it:

"I think Robert, Mary, Jane, Andrea Lee, and Ann Milton should be on the planning committee."


Which parts of these excerpts show that slaves had no legal rights and were often betrayed by their masters?


Assuming that you're taking about life of a slave girl by Harriet ann Jacobs,

you can find it in this part of the excerpt : 
The marriage would give him no power to protect me from my master. It would have made him miserable to witness the insults i should have been subjected to.

hope this helps

Which answer is the sentence fragment?A. A few people were whistling or humming the most popular songs.
B. We waited for the third train before we were able to leave the station.
C. The man who is wearing a baseball cap backwards.
D. Was the subway station packed with people leaving the concert?


C is the correct answer, because it is the only example which sounds unfinished, it is not completed, therefore it is the sentence fragment. 

Which lines in this excerpt from the importance of being earnest by oscar wilde show that lady bracknell places utmost importance on wealth and appearance


Below are the choices I think the lines 1 and 3 are the answers:

1 > A moment, Mr. Worthing. A hundred and thirty thousand pounds! And in the Funds! Miss Cardew seems to me a most attractive young lady, now that I look at her.
2 > Few girls of the present day have any really solid qualities, any of the qualities that last, and improve with time. We live, I regret to say, in an age of surfaces.
3 > Pretty child! your dress is sadly simple, and your hair seems almost as Nature might have left it. But we can soon alter all that.
4 > A thoroughly experienced French maid produces a really marvellous result in a very brief space of time. I remember recommending one to young Lady Lancing, and after three months her own husband did not know her.
5 > There are distinct social possibilities in your profile.
6 > The two weak points in our age are its want of principle and its want of profile.
7 > Style largely depends on the way the chin is worn. They are worn very high, just at present

^^ The last correct option is the segement that says: There are distinct social possibilties in your profile.

Which of the following sentences does not use a coordinating conjunction effectively? a. My sister and I love tortilla soup.. b. She went shopping but didn't find anything she liked. c. He felt ill, but he had a fever. d. We decided to buy a pig, but we didn't know it would be so smelly.


b. because the conjunction 'but' is used when stating something that contrasts with the first part of the sentence. The second part of sentence b. supports the first part. The conjunction used in that sentence should be 'and'.
I think it is c.He felt ill, but he had a fever

If the following sentence contains a simile, choose the option that contains the entire simile. If there is no simile, then select "none."He snored as loud as a tractor.

He snored as loud as a tractor.
as loud as a tractor
as a tractor


The answer is "as loud as a tractor" it is not "he snored as loud as a tractor" because that's just the whole sentence and you want just the whole simile part. Good luck!