What letter comes next


Answer 1
Answer: If im not wrong, is seconds, minute, hour,day,month and year so the answer is Y 

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What kind of fragment is "near the computer"? A. Independent clauseB. PredicateC. Subordinating conjunctionD. Prepositional phrase
A famous chocolate company have chosen you as the winner of their online competition to suggest an interesting new flavour for their chocolate.the prize is a visit for you and a friend to their chocolate factory in switzeland . write an email at least 100 words and:-thank the company for choosing your suggestion as the winner - say how you feel about the prize -ask about dates,travel arrangements and accommodation - ask for confirmation that your friend will also travel and stay for freewritting focus An email asking for information and clarification *Start the email politely - Dear Sir or Dear Madam *do not use - abbreviations: thank you (must not: thanks) -informal phrases :several, a number of (must not : lots of) -contractions : I am (not must: I'm)*if the first paragraph refer to the letter / email/advert you are resposing to and say why you are writing .-thank you for your letter/emailinforming me that ../reading....- I am could you clarify to enquire about .../ask for...*In the main body paragraphs , use polite expressions ( e.g.indirect questions) to ask for information.-I would (also) like to know what need to bring ...-could I ask about the dates and times of the next course?* If something is unclear ,ask for clarification.- contacting you which levels are available?-Could you confirm/explain /when/where/what/how/whether/if...?*If the final paragraph mention that you would like a reply -I look forward to receiving your reply soon. -I hope to hear from you soon,
A MEAL paragraph can be the introduction or the conclusion of a paper. TrueorFalse ??
2.Which words are the first and last words of the participial phrase in this sentence? We went over the whole chapter, beginning with the first page.A.went chapterB.beginning withC.beginning pageD.over chapteri think it is b or cas soon as possible please
What does score mean in design and technology?

Who can tell me what this means Meramera to, yaki tsukusesumi kara sumi made sono gouka de
atokata mo nokoranu you ni tamashii made mo yaki tsukuse
Meramera to, yaki tsukuse
ware no yobikake ni, kotae ima orokanaru monodomo wo guren no honoo de yaki tsukuse
(Santra ba~dra winza~na~ wonpa~to~rana intrakantera
Santra ba~dra winza~na~ wonpa~to~rana intrakantera)
Meramera to, yaki tsukuse
sumi kara sumi made sono gouka de
atokata mo nokoranu you ni
tamashii made mo yaki tsukuse
(Mitero yo...! Ore no osoroshi sa wo omoishiraseru tame ni zenryoku de norotte yaru!
Haruka naru chi yori shoukan suru! Saa, ideyo!)
Meramera to, yaki tsukuse
ware no yobikake ni, kotae ima orokanaru monodomo wo guren no honoo de yaki tsukuse


this is England's demon summoning song. Flare up and burn it down, from corner to corner with that hellfire, don't leave a single trace, burn down even their souls. Flare up and burn it down, answer my calling right now, burn down those fools with a crimson flame (there is more I can't translate, then the 1st sentence repeats itself)

which part of this sentace is the adverb phrase? My friends and i walked quickly around the small lake.


In the sentence "My friends and i walked quickly around the small lake", "around the small lake" is the adverb phrase.It is important to know the meaning of adverb phrase first,otherwise finding the adverb phrase in a sentence would be difficult. An adverbphrase is actually a word or a combination of word that acts as an adverb. Ithas the capacity to mention why, where, how or when. The adverb clause willalways have a verb and a subject.

In the sentence, "The carpenter hit the nail with a hammer," what is the adverb or adverbial phrase?


Answer: hammer

Manner with a hammer The carpenter hit the nail with a hammer.


Answer:with hammer/hammer

Explanation:i DONT know how to explain I just know the answer but trust me



D. Bodies lying on a battlefield
The answer is d bodies laying on battlefield

Which sentence contains an adverb clause? A. I studied that when I was in sixth grade. B. The Declaration of Independence was also proclaimed in Trenton, New Jersey, and in Philadelphia. C. On July 8, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was read aloud in Easton, Pennsylvania's Centre Square. D. Can you name ten of the signers of the Declaration of Independence?         please help


The correct answer is A) I studied that when I was in sixth grade. In this independent sentence, the adverb clause is 'when I was in sixth grade'. An adverb clause is a subgroup of dependent clauses, meaning that it cannot exist on its own, outside of the main, independent clause. Just saying 'when I was in sixth grade' means nothing, it is incomplete.
The answer is A.) I studied that when i was in sixth.

.Use the present perfect progressive form of the verb discuss to complete the sentence.

The politicians _____ the social program for the last month.

are discussing

have discussed

have been discussing



I believe it is the 3rd one.