This year freshmen will be required to take English science and mathematics


Answer 1
Answer: The subject English doesn't have CAPS error.

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Identify what is wrong with each italicized pronoun reference.When chicken eggs are hatched, they are weak and barely able to move around.1.)ambiguous reference2.)implied antecedent; needs to be stated3.)indefinite pronoun
The problem is not that things are broken. The problem is that they are not repaired again. The white man has broken the tribe. And it is my belief that it cannot be repaired again. But the house that is broken, and the man that falls apart when the house is broken, these are the terrible things." Do you believe that the novel agrees with Msimangu's assessment of South Africa? Why or why not?
True or false in the sentence "michael wondered like a lost puppy"the word lost is a past participle
In which sentence is race used as a noun?a. Tom won the race.b. Don't race the motor when you're starting the car.c. Tom will race with four other boys.d. If you race across town, you'll be on time.
What is a controlling image? a pattern or beat created using stressed and unstressed syllables. an image that repeats throughout an entire poem. the use of similar-sounding words in poetry. an image that appears just once in a poem.

Which word correctly completes the sentence? For __________ are you baking those cookies? A. who B. whom


I also agree that the answer is B: whom

in this sentence you are using the  preposition + whom grammar structure. Whom is considered an object pronoun and is used when asking who will receive the action, which in this case, I believe is, baking those cookies. Hopefully  this makes sense and good luck.  

The answer is For whom. :)

Forwhom are you baking those cookies?

Whoare you baking those cookies for?

See what I did there? :)

Hope I helped :D

The high degree of freedom in a market system is illustrated by the fact that


The high degree of freedom in a market system is illustrated by the fact that producers may make whatever they think will sell. 

Which of the following is a transitional word found in this paragraph?a. Sometimes
c. When
b. Therefore
d. With


Therefore. I don't know if I'm right

Answer: b Therefore


Paragraph 1

Many countries in South America have seen their economies grow significantly over the past decade.  With this growth, jobs have been created, infrastructure built and modernized, and the countries there have become more interconnected.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the tourism industry has been booming there, as well.  When countries, no matter where they are, begin to grow and build, tourists are soon to follow.  Sometimes, even countries which are not growing will experience a tourist boom because of what is happening in a neighboring country.

which sentence has the strongest connotative effect? a. he continued to bother her b. he continued to irritate her c. he continued to torment her d. he continued to annoy her


B. Because irritate is the secondary meaning of annoy or bother.

"He continued to torment her" Is the answer.

What is procrastination?


Avoiding doing something by making yourself busy with other things.
Pushing off things that have to be done

Sullen is to moody as monotonous is to what?* attractive drab repetitious varied


Since 'sullen' and 'moody' mean almost the same, we should find a word that has a similar meaning to 'monotonous'. The word that has the closes meaning to it is 'repetitious', meaning 'tedious, boring, dull'. 
I used this from my text book I hope it helps!