ben and cole have 36 airplanes models all together. ben has 8 more than cole. how many airplane models does ben have?


Answer 1
Answer: 36/2=18
they equally have 18 each if split in half. since ben has 8 more,  take 8 from cole, and give them to ben. lol then ben has 18+8 =26. cole has 10.

Answer 2
Answer: 36/2=18
they equally have 18 each if split in half. since ben has 8 more,  take 8 from cole, and give them to ben. lol then ben has 18+8 =26. cole has 10.

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What is a similarity between connotative meaning and figurative language?

Nomnative and Objective Case pronouns. Can someone check my answers please? Thank you so much!!Directions: For each of the following sentences, identify the correct pronoun in parentheses.
(I put my answers after the sentence)

1. Kiyo and (she, her) have been friends since third grade. She
2. On stage, a magician mysteriously sawed (she, her) in half. She
3. Studying the martial arts taught Sara and (me, I) valuable skills. Me
4. The one with the most baseballs cards is (he, him). Him
5. There is an empty lot between the river and (we, us). Us
6. Ahmed and (he, him) sliced the cantaloupe. He
7. The conductor showed (we, us) how to use a baton. We
8. There are some differences of opinion between Bill and (I, me). Me
9. The yoga instructor taught (we, us) new stretches. We
10. Will the next volunteer be (she, her). She
11. The Clarks gave the puppy to Sandra and (she, her). Her
12. Siamack and (he, him) speak Farsi. He
13. The customers who ordered juice were Becky and (she, her). She
14. It was (I, me) who wanted to speak to you. I
15. The captain of the football team is (he, him). He
16. May Mark and (I, me) borrow your paintbrushes? I
17. I lent (he, him) my favorite jacket. Him
18. Were (they, them) your grandparents? They
19. Did you see (she, her) before she left? She
20. Jason and Susan helped Sarah and (he, him) with their homework. He

Thank you so much!!


2. Her
3. I
4. Him
5. Us
8. Me
10. Her
12. Him
13. Her
15. Me
16. I
18. They
19. Her
20. Him

Why is individuality important


Man determines his indentity by the charecteristics that are unique to him. Individuality is the determining factor of personal identity. Without individuality or identity, man has nothing that makes him special or important.
Many people get bullied or harassed in life because of their unique traits or qualities. But the fact is that the only people who bully these individuals are non-unique people! Other people who have some individuality in them, and let it loose, know what those confused and sad clones don't know. Uniqueness is important to our society and our world.
Hope this helps:)

In the novel Frankenstein, the creature says the following to Victor: "I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed."In saying these words, which biblical or mythological character does the creature parallel?


Frankenstein's monster refers to Lucifer here, one of God's most beloved angels, who committed a crime and was thus banished from haven into hell - he was the first fallen angel, believed to be the devil, Satan himself. 

Answer: Satan

Explanation:When he compares Frankenstein to Adam as fallen persons.

Which word is the linking verb

when I taste something spicy, I fell uncomfortable


We can observe that the sentence structure of this statement is in passive form. The active form is the most easiest way and another method to identify linking verbs with ease. Hence, the sentence would be like:
1.      I felt uncomfortable when I taste something spicy.
Evidently, if we analyse the sentence structure in this form we can observe that “when” here is used as a linking verb. Linking verbs are connecting words that combine a subject and a predicate. Includes such as is, are, was, were and verbs.

Deer : woods : : monkey :


This question in "is to" and "as to".

So, deer is to woods as to monkey is to forest.

Deer : Woods : : Monkey : Forest

Which of the following words is most likely to carry a connotation?A. Walk
B. Stride
C. Run
D. Stand


The correct answer is B. Stride. 

This is because it is not just a simple everyday word such as Walk or Run or Stand and it is used to evoke some emotion or some type of feeling because it is more poetic.




Stride is most likely to carry a connotation.