a trapezoids longer base is 4 times its shorter base. If the trapezoid has an area of 80 cm squared and a height of 8cm has what is the length of each base ​


Answer 1
Answer: Long One is 16
Short One is 4!!

A=base+base/2 * height


16+4/2 = 10

10 * 8 = 80!!

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how do i evaluate 0.05

According to a past survey, 23% of Americans have hypertension. After a stringent regimen of diet and exercise, 75 people were then tested and 18 were found to have hypertension. Based on this sample, does diet and exercise reduce hypertension? Use a significance level of 0.05.a) yesb) no


Answer:No, Diet and exercise does not reduce hypertension.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

p = 0.23

n = 75

x = 18

So, \hat{p}=(x)/(n)=(18)/(75)=0.24

So, hypothesis would be


So, the test statistic value would be

z=\frac{\hat{p}-p}{\sqrt{(p(1-p))/(n)}}\n\nz=\frac{0.24-0.23}{\sqrt{(0.23* 0.77)/(75)}}\n\nz=(0.01)/(0.049)\n\nz=0.204

At α = 0.05 level of significance, we get

critical value = 1.96

and 1.96>0.204.

so, we will accept the null hypothesis.

Hence, No, Diet and exercise does not reduce hypertension.

Find the sum of the two polynomials (2x7−5x6−7x5+8)+(9x7−2x6−2x5−7)


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How much of a 3/4 of cup serving is in a 2/3 cup of yogurt?




Step-by-step explanation:

could i have brailiest plz it  isnt a must tho thx

What is 2 3 of 99kg?


Step-by-step explanation:

(2)/(3)  *  (99)/(1)  = 66 \: kg

A cube-shaped water tank having 6 ft side lengths is being filled with water. The bottom is solid metal but the sides of the tank are thin glass which can only withstand a maximum force of 200 lb. How high (in ft) can the water reach before the sides shatter?(Assume a density of water rho = 62.4 lb/ft3.
Round your answer to two decimal places.)


The distance the in which the water will reach before it shatters will be 1.03ft


  • Let the integral run from surface (y = 0) to maximum depth (y = d)ft
  • Let the differential depth = dydt
  • The area of each depth = 6dy ft^2

The Force Acting at any Depth

Using integration, the force at any depth y is 62.4y lb/ft^3

200 = \int\limits^d_0 {62.4y} \, 6dy\n 200 = \int\limits^d_0 {374.4y} \, dy\n 200 = \int\limits^6_0 {374.4y} \, dy\n 200 = [374.4/2 y^2]_0^d\n200 = 187.2(d^2 - 0)\n200 = 187.2d^2\nd^2 = 200/187.2\nd = 1.03ft

From the calculations above, the distance in which the water will reach before it shatters is 1.03ft

Learn more on force acting at any depth;


What is the value of (2^4) ^3 divided by 2^6



Step-by-step explanation:

2*2*2*2=4*4=16. 16*16*16=4,096. 2*2*2*2*2*2=4*4*4=64. 4,096/64=64.