Comment on the dominant variety of prose (narrative,expository or descriptive) present in each of the following passages.write a brief appreciation of each passage in about 260 words each.


Answer 1


Narrative prose

Narrative, as in, it recounts to a story as opposed to just offering a depiction of something or a clarification of an idea.

Prose, as in, written in sections of sentences instead of stanzans of lines as a sonnet would be.  Narrative prose is the normal style of talking and composing, with nonattendance of musicality, rhyme, mood and different characteristics of the idyllic structure . It comprises of the ordinary discussion individuals use to convey what needs be rationally.

The message in exposition is objective and not uncertain, on a specific subject, for instance. It is a type of writing wherein the work is written in exposition, rather than verse, and recounts to an authoritative story through activities. Many composed works are composed on this structure, including a lot of artistic works and increasingly present day bits of fiction.

At the end of the day, story exposition is the type of fundamentally every customary novel at any point is composed.

Expository Prose

An exposition prose is a scholarly type of composition composing or narrating that points in enlightingen its reader and uncovering an issue. Its like an unmistakable exposition yet it goes for not depicting an occasion yet uncovering it as something of concern or worth.

In creation examines, explanatory composition (likewise called work) is one of the four conventional methods of talk. It might incorporate components of portrayal, depiction, and argumentation. Not at all like innovative or enticing composition, which can engage feelings and use stories, explanatory composition's basic role is to convey data about an issue, subject, technique, or thought utilizing realities.

Descriptive Prose

At the point when you watch a film, the majority of the "portrayal" is accomplished for you by a camera and an amplifier. The sum total of what essayists have are words. So you have to utilize those words to enable the peruser to see and hear (and smell, taste and contact, as well). You can utilize them actually ("she wore a red dress"). Or then again you can compose all the more allegorically.

For instance; it's difficult to depict the exact look on a character's face when they're in an incredibly foul state of mind. However, on the off chance that you state that their face resembled "the sky before a tempest," perusers will get the thought.

Answer 2
Answer: First, you have to know what is the idea of a prose.
By definitions, a prose is a written or spoken language in its ordinary form. It has no metrical structure.

Then, the next thing you need to know is the definition of a narrative, expository and descriptive. In this way, you can be able to start writing your thoughts about each passage.

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3. How does the author use internal dialogue to characterizeYevgeny? Cite evidence from the text in your answer.



The Author 'Chekhov' uses internal dialogue to characterize Yevgeny in the story "Home" an evidence in the opening paragraph which goes by "Yevgeny is a prosecutor of the circuit court, someone who carries out legal proceedings against a person accused of a crime. it makes sense to think about how much of Yevgeny's legal background will affect the way he handles this problem with his son."


Through this internal monologue, readers can better understand the different aspect of Yevgeny's character and get a glimpse into his thoughts. This opening paragraph starts the action towards the conflict between Yevgeny and his son Seryozha. The Author wrote the story in third person point of view, and the story is told through the thought of Yevgeny.

Yevgeny is a methological and logical man who thinks in terms of number; a typical man of the court. Theefore he had disagreements with his son for smoking.

Final answer:

An author characterizes a figure through internal dialogue by revealing their thoughts, feelings, or mental conversations. This can indicate their motivations, personality traits, or responses to situations. The dialogue can show Yevgeny as thoughtful and moral or superficial and self-centered, based on the context.


In order to answer this question, the specific text referencing Yevgeny would be needed. However, generally speaking, an author may use internal dialogue to characterize a person in literature. Internal dialogue refers to the thoughts, feelings, or mental conversations that a character has with himself. This tool lets us peek into a character's mind and understand their motivation, personality traits, and response to situations.

For instance, if Yevgeny is often shown debating ethical issues in his internal dialogue, he might be characterized as a deeply moral and thoughtful individual. Conversely, if his thoughts mostly revolve around trivial pursuits or selfish needs, it shows a more superficial or self-centered personality.

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“All those chemicals that create empathy only work when you are in a room together.”what is ur thought on this quote



it gives the sence of team work.


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A member of the men's team left their baseball gloves on the bus.

Some members of men's team have left their baseball gloves on the bus.


Many members of the men's team left their baseball gloves on the bus is the sentence contains an inappropriate shift in number. Hence, option A is correct.

What is baseball gloves?

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Thus, option A is correct.

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Final answer:

The sentence 'A member of the men's team left their baseball gloves on the bus' inappropriately shifts in number. 'A member' is a singular subject and should be paired with 'his' or 'her' unless 'their' has been established as the subject's preferred pronoun.


The sentence that contains an inappropriate shift in number is: 'A member of the men's team left their baseball gloves on the bus.'

In this sentence, the subject 'A member' is singular, but it wrongly uses the plural pronoun 'their'. When referring to a single individual, gender-neutral singular pronouns like 'his' or 'her' can be used; or 'their' can be used in singular form only if previously the singular they have been established as the subject's preferred pronoun. The correct sentence would be: 'A member of the men's team left his baseball glove on the bus.'

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