Which of the following resulted from the palmer raids of 1919 and 2020


Answer 1
Answer: the formation of the American Civil Liberties Union

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The 442nd Regimental Combat Team, the most decorated unit of its size in American history, was made up of African AmericanNative American (Navajo)Japanese American volunteers
In "The Parable of the Good Samaritan," what happens to the man who is traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho? a. He hears a story about helping others from a Samaritan. b. He helps a Samaritan who is hurt. c. He attacks a Samaritan who has done nothing wrong. d. He is robbed and beaten.
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Why was akbar a successful ruler?


Akbar was a successful ruler beacause he made a fair taxation system

Give oneexample each of tax dollars helping the economy, keeping the country safe, and improving quality of life.


Taxation is known to be a key issue in political economy as it affect the activities of all states. An example of tax dollars helping the economy, keeping the country safe, and improving quality of life is income tax.

income tax is simply known as the money a citizen pay to government from their income.

  • The tax dollars from one's income  help to support common resources, such as police and firefighters.

Tax money helps to provide good roads, fund public libraries and parks, good healthcare etc.

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Tax dollars: Income tax.
Helping the economy: food
Improving: Health

Why did the Creek attack white settlements during the War of 1812?They were allies of the British government.
They wanted revenge for the killing of their chief.
O They wanted to help the Spanish retake Mississippi.
They were paid by plantation owners to fight the British



They were allies of the British government.


Final answer:

The Creek Nation attacked white settlements during the War of 1812 primarily because they were allied with the British government. This strategic alliance was part of efforts to limit US expansion. Their motivation was also driven by interests in preserving their own tribal territories and way of life.


During the War of 1812, the Creek Nation, a native tribe in the southeastern regions of the United States, attacked white settlements. One of the primary reasons was their alliance with the British government. This alliance was forged as both had common enemies in the form of white settlers expanding their territories in North America. It was seen as a strategy to limit the expansion of the United States.

This strategic alliance led them to launch attacks in support of the British during the war. It is important to note, however, that while the Creeks were allied with the British, their motivation was also driven by their own interests in protecting their tribal lands from American expansion and maintaining their traditional way of life.

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When the House of Representatives prepared to impeach President Nixon, which of the following was among the charges?A.
burglarizing the Democratic Party headquarters

obstructing justice

filing a false tax return

bribing Senators


The House of Representatives did prepare to impeach President Nixon, and among the charges was the charge of obstructing justice. Hence option B is correct .

What is obstructing justice ?

The obstruction of justice charge related to President Nixon's efforts to cover up his involvement in the Watergate scandal.

Which included instructing his subordinates to lie to investigators and attempting to use his executive authority to prevent the investigation from proceeding.

The charge of filing a false tax return was not among the charges, and there is no evidence to suggest that President Nixon bribed Senators.

The allegation of impeding justice was one of the charges used in the House of Representatives' preparation to impeach President Nixon. The accusation of obstructing justice centred on President Nixon's attempts to hide his involvement in the Watergate affair.

Which included giving orders to his staff to lie to investigators and making use of his executive power to stop the investigation from moving further. There were no allegations of submitting a fake tax return, and there is no proof that President Nixon bought off Senators.

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B. Obstructing Justice

He is known for his corruption and the Watergate scandal which resulted in the public losing all trust in him and his resignation.The Committee approved three articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon, for the obstruction of justice, abuse of power and authority, contempt of Congress. These articles were reported to the House of Representatives, ending his presidency.

Millions of slaves were brought from Africa to North and South America to perform labor. Which of the following was one of the jobs that many slaves performed in the Americas?a. They worked for colonial armies.
b. They worked as merchants.
c. They worked as artists.
d. They worked on plantations.


"Working on plantations" was one of the jobs that many slaves performed in the Americas, since a large majority of the slaves that were brought to North America worked in fields that produced crops like cotton and tobacco. 


They worked on plantations.


The map shows the destinations of the millions of slaves who were brought to North and South America from the west coast of Africa. Although the exact number of slaves transported across the Atlantic is not known, it is estimated that at least ten million slaves were brought to the Americas to work on plantations.

What was not a source of energy introduced during the late 1800's?


 In the last quarter of the 19th century, all four items were sources of energy. Kerosene was commonly used for lighting, electricity was beginning to replace gas lighting and steam was used to power boats, trains, and certain kinds of industrial machinery. Gasoline was the primary fuel of the automobile, or "horseless carriage," which appeared in the 1890's. Of these four, however, steam was introduce the earliest. The concept of the steam engine goes back to ancient times. However, the steam engine was really introduced as a common source of energy early in the 18th Century. So while kerosene, gasoline, and electricity as an energy source were all developments of the 19th century, Steam power is at least a century (and maybe more) older. 
hydroelectric power and natural gas was introduced in the late 1800