A circle is divided into 6 equal parts. What is the angle measure of 1 part?


Answer 1
Answer: The angle measure of one part will be 60.

360/6 = 60 

That is because the circle it divided into 6 equal parts and the whole circle is 360.

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NO. It does not represent y is a function of x.

Step-by-step explanation:

For a given table of values to be considered as representing a function, every domain value (x-value) must have exactly one range value (y-value). This implies that a function cannot have two y-values assigned it mapped to the same x-value.

Therefore, the table of values given does not represent a function because the x-value, 3.45 has two y-values, 1.72 and 3.36, assigned or mapped to it.

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The total cost of an item bought at a negotiated price of $14,380 is $12495.36.

Item bought at a negotiated price of $14,380, a $2,700 trade-in allowance,

A sales tax of 7.2 percent, and a $79  registration fee.

Let us find the cost of the item after 7.2% of sales tax.

What is the cost?

A cost is an expenditure required to produce or sell a product or get an asset ready for normal use.

The cost of an item after 7.2% of sales tax will be equal to 15640 plus 7.2% of 15640.

The cost of items after sales tax

=14,380+((7.2)/(100)* 14,380)

=14,380+(0.072 * 14,380)


Therefore the cost of an item after 7.2% of sales tax will be 15415.36

Now let us add the registration fee to the cost of the item.

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Now let us subtract $2700 trade allowance to find the total cost of the item.

=15495.36- 2700


Therefore the total cost is $12495.36.

To learn more about the cost visit:




The answer to this is option C: $12,794.36

Step-by-step explanation:

I just completed the test and this was the corrected answer.

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Yes! (it’s making me write 20 letters so yes is ur answer ok cool)

Yes beachside I really don’t know you it juts is




1. 12

2. 0

3. 10

4. 6

Step-by-step explanation:

Are the arcs below congruent?B
A. No, because the arcs do not have the same measure.
B. There is not enough information to determine.
C. Yes, because the central angles are the same.
D. Yes, because they are both minor arcs.



A. No, because the arcs do not have the same measure.

Step-by-step explanation:

Two arcs can be said to be congruent when the length measure of the two arcs are the same and not necessarily the degree measure. This implies that two arcs can have the same degree measure measure but their length may not be the same.

If two arcs have the same measure in one circle, therefore we can say they are congruent or if they have the same measure in congruent circles respectively, they are congruent.

In the two circles given above, although we are not told if both circles are congruent, however, since both arcs have different degree measure, both arcs cannot be congruent.