Hi my math teacher makes my life impossible and I have no clue how to do this thanks!
Hi my math teacher makes my life impossible and I - 1


Answer 1
Answer: the answer is x^3 (when you have product of powers you just add them.).
Answer 2


x3, because when you have the powers (in x6, the "6" is the power) then you add the powers. x3 + x6 = x9. So your answer is x3.

Step-by-step explanation:

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What is 5 5/7-5 2/7 please help fast
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a particular school has a teacher to a student ratio of a 1 teacher to 11 students. Are there more teachers or students explain how u know.


Read it carefully. It's telling you the answer in the problem! There is one teacher for every 11 students. Of course there are more students! 

I what is the length of AC round to the nearest tenth


answer/ 10.5

Step-by-step explanation: use calculator and divide 15/tan(55)

(set calculator to degree mode)

What value of a makes the equation true?1.7a + 0.3a = 4/5
btw 4/5 is a fraction

A. a= 2 4/5
B. a= 1 3/5
C. a= 2/5
D. a= 1 1/5


Answer: C) a = 2/5

1.7a+0.3a simplifies to 2.0a or just 2a. We have the equation 2a = 4/5. If we multiply each side by 1/2, then we can isolate 'a' fully to get

2a = 4/5

(1/2)*2a = (4/5)*(1/2)

(2/2)a = (4*1)/(5*2)

1a = 4/10

a = 2/5

Graph the equation on the coordinate plane.

y = 4x+4


To graph the equation of the line, find the x-intercept and the y-intercept of the function

we have


we know that

The x-intercept is the value of x when the value of y is equal to zero

The y-intercept is the value of y when the value of x is equal to zero

Step 1

Find the x-intercept

For y=0




the x-intercept is the point (-1,0)

Step 2

Find the y-intercept

For x=0        



the y-intercept is the point (0,4)

Step 3

Graph the points and draw the line

see the attached figure


the answer in the attached figure

Final answer:

To graph the equation y = 4x + 4, create a table of values by plugging in different x values and calculating the corresponding y values. Then plot the points on a coordinate plane and connect them with a straight line.


To graph the equation y = 4x + 4, we can start by creating a table of values. Choose different values for x and plug them into the equation to find the corresponding y values. For example, when x = 0, y = 4(0) + 4 = 4. When x = 1, y = 4(1) + 4 = 8. Plot these points on the coordinate plane and connect them with a straight line. The resulting graph will be a straight line with a slope of 4 and a y-intercept of 4.

Learn more about Graphing linear equations here:



In a group of 75 fourth graders, 20% do not like hot chocolate. How many students like hot chocolate


20\%\ do\ not\ like\ hot\ chocolate,\ therefore\n100\%-20\%=80\%\ like\ hot\ chocolate\n\np\%=(p)/(100)\to80\%=(80)/(100)=(8)/(10)=(4)/(5)\n\n80\%\ of\ 75=(4)/(5)\cdot75=4\cdot15=\boxed{60}\leftarrow answer
Let find how many do not like hot chocolate.  

.20*75 = 15 fourth graders don't like hot chocolate. 

Now lets see how many like hot chocolate 

75 -15 = 60 kids like hot chocolate. 

Another way to do this is  you know that 20% of kids don't like hot chocolate then that means 80% must like hot chocolate.  

So now you just have to do .8*75 and you get 60  

The Question is in the file below. (Khan Academy)


that little squaer angle means right angle or 90 degrees

the black line and the red line cross

therefor the oposte angles are eqal measure
minus x
divide 6