Important Update

published on 13 June 2022

After running Newny for almost 3yrs from the pandemic to today, we've helped organisations all over the world run their physical, virtual and hybrid events. From political campaigns, StartUps and government initiatives to local communities. We're incredibly proud to have had a part in helping create connections between people and the topics they care about.

Ever since launching we've been running Newny for free, taking on the cost of operations personally. The goal was to prioritise user adoption vs generating revenue. We've had an incredible journey of ups & downs and the team would not be where we are professionally, had it not been for Newny.

Our personal lives, priorities and circumstances have changed making it difficult to run Newny as is.

We're here to inform you that Newny is scheduled to shutdown on the 1st of July 2022.

What's next?

Until the shutdown day, everything will continue to run as is. If you want to enquire about Newny, then feel free to contact Mukhtar on Linkedin.

The site might not be gone completely as we're toying with the idea of turning Newny into an Events Industry news hub to continue to pay homage to the industry we fell in love with!

Thank you for asking you questions using Newny.

Goodbye from the team and I.

Mukhtar, co-founder.

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