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We used Newny for one of our online events not expecting to see much engagement as we thought people would use the Zoom Q&A functionality instead. 

We were pleasantly surprised to find all the questions being asked on Newny with the voting functionality making it super easy for the moderator to choose questions. Would definitely recommend it!

Mohamed Abdisalam

Founder of SiT
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Newny was easy to use, fun and helpful and I love the way it keeps the conversation going after the event is finished, the insights derived from the platform are super useful. I really hope more people get to experience Newny as it's such a great way to engage with participants at all kinds of events.

Clare Forestier

Speak Up Event Hosting & Comms services.

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Having produced many virtual events, audience engagement is so important. Content remains key, but people’s digital attention span is much reduced. The concept of ‘captive audience’ is no longer relevant and this is where Newny comes in, allowing the audience to build rapport, get real-time feedback, engage with speakers, presenters and panelists and track your event KPIs. 

There are lots of options to do this across the virtual/hybrid event space, but Newny have capture the key elements of this, to keep it simple, engaging and functional. 

Well done Newny on this brilliant app!

Franco de la Croix-Vaubois

Founder of the Event Organisers Network & Hopin Specialist.
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I really liked using Newny. I was able to recommend topics for discussion, and after I was able to engage with delegates, which is something I've never been able to do before. Newny transforms traditional events into engaging connected events that have life a of their own!

Edward Woolley

Founder @ Co-Working Hub


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